Winners OTB

Come for the Food,..Come for the Fun


Welcome to Winner's the place where the name says it all.
Winners OTB and Sports Grill are prided on their family environment and their full menu with great food at reasonable price.
Located at 20 Farley Rd, Brunswick Maine. Open 7 Days a week.

20 Farley Rd.

Brunswick, ME 04011

Phone: 207-725-8801


To contact us:

Hello Winners Customers!  I apologize.  It seems as though I updated the web page last month never posted the update. Here are the updated schedules for the OTB and the updated menu for the Sports Grill.  Due to customer feedback, I have modified the schedules format for the web.  Hope this makes it easier for you all.  Again, I apologize. -Jess

Sorry...It is my fault...